Building Up
  The Body Of Christ

   The Perfect Man,       

Perfect Man Ministries           

 For by one offering he hath perfected forever, them that are sanctified.  Hebrews 10:14

 We are dedicated to restoring;

The Word of the most high In the earth,

Bringing refreshment to the new man, 

Providing the new man with nourishment and  vitality,

Sharing Spiritual revelation for continued growth and enrichment,

Declaring the truth of the gospel--that there is but one people belonging to the earth, and they are the children of YAHUWAH.


                           Featured  Article  DNA and the cross

                              "Greetings From Pastor Dismuke"


                Perfect Man Ministries is a Teaching Gift;

Given to the Revelations and Mysteries of the Scriptures.

Recommended Reading               

From Babylon To Timbuktu by     

                                                 Rudolph R. Windsor

"Blacks In The Bible" - By James H. W

                    "Blacks In The Bible"

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"Africans Who Wrote The Scriptures"

Ancient Secrets :  Africa and Christianity Have Never Told 


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