Dr. Marimba Ani




Dr. Marimba Ani is an anthropologist and African Studies scholar best known for her book “Yurugu,” a comprehensive critique of European thought and culture. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Chicago, and holds masters and doctorate degrees in anthropology from the Graduate Faculty of the New School University.

In her ground-breaking work, “Yurugu: An Afrikan-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior,” Ani uses an African perspective through the myths of the Dogon people and the language of Swahili to examine the impact of European cultural influence on black people and the world. She developed a framework that methodically debunked the belief that Western civilization was the best, most constructive  society ever built and instead she pointed out its inherent destructive tendencies.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marimba_Ani


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