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Joy To The World

     As a child do you remember how good it felt to run, skip and jump, and maybe even roll around in the green grass? We didn't have a care in the world.  With anticipation, it was a joy to get out of bed and eagerly meet each new day.  Regardless of the fact that some children didn't have many of the things others possessed, they did not allow their condition to dampen their spirits.  These were children who had loving parents who cared and who took the negative pain and hurt out of living.

     Whether you realize it or not, Yahuwah is our loving parent, and he cares about us in a way our natural parents could never care.  Since Elohim designed us he knows what it takes to make our life joyful, and complete. 

      Mankind has struck out on his own, not recognizing the wisdom, the love; nor the authority of our loving father, and has gotten himself into deep, deep trouble.  Trouble that can only be repaired through faith in the Mashiyach. 

      The solution to our dilemma starts, and lies in the lyrics of the old Christmas carol: Joy to the World.  This long time Christmas treasure conveys the message of the good news of Yahuwah's will for our life; the promise of great joy to all people.   Just think for a moment... Yahuwah wants the whole world to have not just joy; but an abundance of joy.  This joy is a major key to change, and the abundant life. 


      What would the world be like if everyone was filled with this joy?  It would mean no more angry and upset people.  No more rude, mean or hateful people.  Things that were once negative would be turned to positives.  Individuals who had bad attitudes would now take on pleasant ways.  Fear would be a thing of the past, and everyone would be in engaged in fulfilling their destiny.

     This is Yahuwah's plan for humanity.  Many scriptures are sighted concerning joy and its benefit:  "The joy of Yahuwah is your strength" (Nehemiah 8:10) and "therefore with joy shall you draw out of the wells of salvation" (Isaiah 12:3)

     The result of peace is joy, and in joy there is an outbreak of rejoicing.  In this kind of atmosphere there is faith, hope, and love.  This is what thrilled the angels on that grand night of their momentous announcement, as shepherds watched over their flocks: "and lo the angel of Yahuwah came upon them, and the glory of Elohim shone round about them, and they were sore afraid.  And the angel said unto them "Fear not" for behold I bring you good tidings (good news) of great joy (something new)  which shall be to all people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Messiah the Sovereign". 

       First I would like to point out: wherever there is a real contact of Yahuwah with man, man's first response   (most of the time) is fear.  This speaks to the fact that man is not comfortable with Yahuwah, and is out of fellowship with Him.  Elohim is love, and he desires fellowship with his creation, He has said "fear not" it is truly Yahuwah's desire to reveal himself to man.  Notice what the angel said as they continued their discourse with the shepherds, "Glory to Elohim in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men".

       Mankind has failed to honor and glorify Yahuwah.  In fact, it is impossible to give glory to someone you don't know---but we can know Elohim through Yahuwshuwa.  This is why he came--that we might know him and the father.  It is our heavenly father who has the good will toward men.  Man as a whole does not (as of yet) have good intentions toward his fellow man; so this scripture can in no way refer to man as having good will, as some have reasoned in the past.  Yet this is Elohim's communication to us: the good news of his plan to give great joy to the world (those that receive him).


     The joy of Yahuwah has been the missing ingredient in the lives of his people.  Joy is the product of peace.  It is a most essential element in our development and success.  When we are filled with joy, we put aside (or even eliminate) negative thinking.  Our minds then become filled with the power of Elohim, and naturally we become positive thinkers.  This is the new birth.  We have become a new creation.  We are now creative for good.  No matter how difficult things may seem, this joy is here to stay-nothing can ever remove it. 

     Not just at Christmas, but at any time--you can receive this promise of Elohim.  You too can be changed--not just have a new lease on life; you can have a new life.  After all, he came that we might have life. This translates into having a better attitude, and attitude is everything.  Your attitude will determine your altitude. 

     If you really hunger for the good life and the truth of your existence, receive the joy that Christ offers.  It is free.  Simply acknowledge him (Yahuwshuwa) as Saviour of your life; read the Bible, and do what it says.  Your life will never be the same.



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