Prayer Of Agreement



Power of Agreement
One of the most powerful benefits of faith is the POWER within the prayer of agreement.
This prayer of agreement is a lifestyle choice. This concept works, not only for the Church, but for ANY two (or more) people who will come together as one in agreement. When you truly understand and practice this operation of the Word, your life will never be as it was. Any desire of the heart will be yours. Here is the way scripture records this promise of the Word (Yahushuwa).
“Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my father Yahuwah which is in heaven.” Matthew 18:19
The contract of agreement is a spiritual law and is an operation within the Word of life. This has always been Elohim’s design—unchanged and undeviating. Power of agreement is a function of the Kingdom of Yahuwah.
There is an ideal opportunity for agreement which can exist between married people, friends or any group who will see eye-to-eye on any matter. The hindrance is often the lack of unity in spirit and will. Lack of unity can keep you (or your partner or associates) poor, defeated and in lack your entire life. This law will work in an unconscious way, even with just a fair union or relationship. This principle is one good reason—other than just good common sense—to make sure the person you marry or you establish a partnership with, is someone you can get along with and they with you. Whether or not you realize it, Yahuwshuwa has partnerships especially designed for you. 
Agreement is a contract between two or more people. It is often a verbal confirmation with a handshake. More often than not, it is a written agreement. The covenants of both the Old and the New Testaments are examples of written contracts. We establish contracts or agreements with various money lenders. With a written agreement, everyone will be on the same page, saying exactly the same thing, in the same spirit. There is some real power in numbers and when Elohim is in that number, no one can stand against you.
In order to have greater success, I recommend putting all of your desires in writing. Be sure they are specific and in the affirmative (or positive). This is to be a time of prayerful and patient reflection, meditation and searching. The words you use should come from your spirit. “Only that which is born of the spirit is spirit.” There is a storehouse of dreams, visions and ideas within you, waiting to be released by faith. 
Don’t ever feel as if you’re not worthy to write your own destiny. Whatever comes from your new spirit, will be the will and the Word of Yah. David wrote many of the Psalms, and guess what? David was not born again, nor was he baptized in the Spirit, yet Yahuwah used him and allowed his writings to be canonized into the Bible. The things you write for yourself will work for you, just as they did for David.
Create a prayer and meditation folder for yourself. When it comes to the prayer of agreement, be sure the persons with whom you are in agreement, have a copy of that prayer and follow your lead. Make this a part of your daily prayer and praise regimen. Follow the format of Psalms 1:1-3, “Delight yourself in the Word (law,). Meditate in the Word day and night. Meditating in the Word is a major key to your overall success. (Also see Joshua 1:8 and I Timothy 4:15.)
Get ready! Be prepared for change. Things will begin to happen. The Word is setting you up for change and for fulfillment of your destiny. It is important to realize that all things are now working for your good. You may not understand all of what is happening, but simply know that it has much to do with what is stored in the heart and is released through our meditation, prayer and praise life (faith). 
The Word is Elohim, always has been, and always will be; Yahuwshuwa is our adventure.  This is why we are to delight ourselves in Him.  As we delight ourselves in the Word, we discover Yahuwah to be the absolute greatest adventure; ever-expanding as we are enlightened and enriched.  


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