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The Sin Issue



"The next day John saw Msindisi coming unto him, and said, behold the Lamb of יהוה which takes away the SIN of the world." 

                                                      Yohanan / John 1:29



The entire Scriptures (Msindisi' coming into the world) points to YHWH’s central plan for the earth and that plan is the removal of Sin.
From the beginning of creation Sin has been the condition, or state of man on this earth. “Sin is falling short of the glory of יהוה” or “missing the mark of his perfection.” Every single person born on this earth (excluding the Savior, Msindisi has failed to reach that standard.
    Sin is the condition and the reason for all our failures, shortcomings, and (most importantly) our separation from our heavenly Father יהוה. Sin manifests itself in a variety of ways. This is why just living right is not enough to save you, nor will it bring mankind's needed change. The nature of man must be changed.


 According to the word of יהוה, “All have sinned and come short of his glory.” It makes no difference how BIG, or how SMALL you think your wrong actions are--they ALL are the product Of Sin.  We all were BORN into Sin--not just the homosexual, but even the person who only tells a little white lie. No matter what the wrong actions are, they are symptoms of Sin and we all know that just treating the symptoms will never treat the cause, which is Sin. The human body is an instrument which can be used by either Sin or by Righteousness.  Of course, every instrument makes a different sound. This is why Sin manifests itself in a different way in every person.  Even if you only think about doing mischief every now and then, it is yet Sin that toots your horn.  


    The condition (or the state of mankind) is what Msindisi came to change (destroy). He accomplished this with his death on the stake.  The sin in every person who has ever lived, or is yet to be born into the world; has been put to death in him.
    Only the blood of Msindisi can bring about that necessary change we need to live life to its fullest. Man’s problem was in his DNA. Blood is the life force of humanity.  We are told in scripture that “The life of the body is in the blood.” The Spirit of man resides in his blood. 


Msindisi suffered in the fleshEverything about the Son of יהוה, even his earthly life, was written in his DNA. It was not just his blood that he shed, but from his blood he shed his Spirit. This is the same Spirit יהוה has poured out on all who believe and obey his word. Only by applying his Spirit (blood), can we be changed


Here is the true value and power of your faith. “If any man be in the Msindisi, he is a new creation: old things (old nature) are passed away; behold all things (new nature) are become new. All things are of יהוה, who hath reconciled us to himself by Msindisi and hath given us the ministry of reconciliation.”

II Cor 5:17-18
    The thing which has been taken away is SinIt doesn’t mean our memory has been removed--we all remember what we were. The difference is that we now know there has been a great change in our spirits. As a matter of fact, יהוה has PERFECTED us in the Spirit man.  What's the point of taking a good bath and then putting on the same old dirty clothes? We must now renew our own mind in order to take advantage of the riches of יהוה which are in our NEW spirit. To access these riches, we must simply get on the same frequency with our new spirit.
Yes, it is the plan of יהוה for us, is to be free from the slave master: Sin. No longer to be played like a fiddle, a bass horn, or even a flute.  The single-minded purpose for his children is freedom and for them to be available to serve others. Only in Msindisi, will you discover this freedom, for it was the he who died to take away your Sin.


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