Each and every day I hear

 the voice of the Mashiyach more

clearly than before; and after hearing

your voice I do follow your purpose,

and your will for my life.


My Inheritance is in you Yahuwshuwa

 ( health, wealth, protection, security, purpose )

 The Mashiyach has abounded toward us in all

wisdom, and prudence.  You heavenly Father

Yahuwah have worked in an abundant, and

aggressive way for all who will receive.

Eph 1:7-11


I move in the spirit of wisdom, and of revelation

 I have been made alive in the Mashiyach,

and I thank you that I am positioned,

and seated in heavenly places in you.

Eph 2:4-8


   Father I am your workmanship,

created in the Mashiyach Yahuwshuwa

unto good works

Eph 2:10


I am strenghtened with all might

 (Yahuwah's ability) by the Spirit of Alahym

in the inner man.


I am rooted, and grounded in Love, and I comprehend with all saints the full spectrum of love; Therefore I am filled with all the fullness of Alahym

Eph 3:14-21


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