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Welcome to Issues of the Heart!


 It is a pleasure to have you visiting our site and trust inspiration and encouragement is found.

As believing women walking in harmony with the creator our spirit nature is one of excellence. Even though we face  challenges daily:  testing of our witness, career decisions, relationships, family responsibilities, community involvement and pursuing special interests,  our heart's desire is to  live life   maximizing every ability  we possess.

This ministry is designed to lend a hand by presenting inspirational material to assist on the journey.   It's  really helpful  to know  others  have taken this journey and did so without compromising their faith or resorting to deceptive measures. 

 Know by standing in faith, trusting and obeying  the word everything will work out to your benefit and Yahuwah will be glorified. 



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  Yvonne A. Dismuke, President 


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                              "You Have No Problems, All You Have Are Solutions"

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