Praise And Worship




    Father of all creations; I thank you for all things. From the depths of my heart, and out of my mouth I release holy praise. Out of my new heart I render true worship unto you.
     Thank you for that everlasting love, and for that heart of tender mercies; who came in the person of Yahuwshuwa your beloved Son; the Mashiyach. I worship, and praise you for the blood he has shed for me, and for the entire world. From this blood; he has shed his Spirit, and has given that Holy Spirit unto all who love, and obey him.
    I thank you with great joy for the Spirit of the Mashiyach who has come unto us, and who lives in us.  "You are the strength of my life" you are the true place of comfort, and of security. Throughout the day, and throughout the night; my thoughts are of you; Even my every desire is unto you.
    Holy Spirit as we worship you; we realize it is you who bring us before the very presence of the father. It is you who by the blood of Mashiyach empower us to love, and who fill us with knowledge, and with the wisdom of Alahym.  
    In the name of Yahuwshuwa; I thank you for the gift of eternal life.


                              "You Have No Problems, All You Have Are Solutions"

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